Edel Rodriguez
Drawger Pool Party!
We had a bunch of friends and Drawger folks over to our house in New Jersey yesterday for a pool party.  People came in from Philly, New Haven, Pennsylvania, Manhattan and even Queens!  The weather was great! 
Someone passed a sketchbook around and they gave it to me at the end of the day, thanks!  It's a great sketchbook, those drawings are above.  Pictures from the party are below:
clockwise: Heatley, Curtius, Triplett, Smith, Ciardiello, Goldin, Sloan, Rea, Sockwell, Elaine Ahn, Nancy Ross, and Gothard's head.
Joe Smith insists that my wife Jennifer, his former art student, painted the grill marks on those sandwiches.
Zina, Randy, Ciardiello, and Mr. Jos. A. Smith.
Everybody in the pool!
The feet in the pool crowd: Felix, Brian, Elaine, Gina, Coco, and Justin.
Hey, Goldin brought me a 30 pound stone all the way from Woodstock! Now that's a gift!
Flaherty, Elaine and Gina watching a tense badminton game.
Matt Curtius takes his badminton seriously. As do Rea and Sockwell.......
The toll this year was two broken rackets and six dead birdies.  Rea and Sockwell, my birthday is at the end of August.  Titanium rackets are nice., very convenient !!!!!!

Thanks for coming out everyone!  We had a great time!
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