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Recommended shows, etc.
A drawing from the Seurat show at MoMA
If I have one new year's resolution it is to get out and see more of the great shows that are always happening in NYC.  This past year went by and I spent much of it working and missed many exhibits that I wanted to see.  MoMA has three notable shows and I'll be going this weekend.  Here are some links, check them out:

Seurat Drawings at MoMA. show closes on Monday, Jan 7th.

Martin Puryear at MoMA
He has been one of my favorite sculptors for a long time. 
Show closes Jan. 14.

Lucien Freud Etchings at MoMA.  Show runs until March 10. 

William Steig at The Jewish Museum.
  Oooh, this looks good.  Through March 16.

Kara Walker at the Whitney Museum.

Saul Steinberg sculptures at Pace Gallery.  I was not aware of Steinberg's wood sculptures and constructions.  Through Feb. 9.

Chuck Close documentary at Film Forum.  Through Jan. 8.

Persepolis, a film by Marjane Satrapi

One more. I can tell I've been a little too busy when I did not know that one of my favorite bands, Interpol, had a new album that came out, IN JULY! Anyways, my sweet wife got it for me for Christmas and I've listened to it about 30 times. If you're in the mood for some depressing yet upbeat music (Interpol's trademark), get the new album "Our Love to Admire". But you probably have it, because it came out IN JULY! Here's the song "No I in Threesome" from the album. I think it's a love song?
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