Edel Rodriguez
Recent work for The New York Times Book Review
These are a couple of recent illustrations for the NY Times Book Review.  Above is a portrait of the author Pat Barker, accompanying a review of her latest book.
Below is an image for a review of a book titled "Resistance".  The book's story creates an alternative history in which the Nazis successfully invade Britain.  I've been experimenting with working outside of the studio and was able to do that with this assignment.  I took the job while I was down in Miami, did my sketches, photographed them with my digital camera, and e-mailed them from there.  I did the final, finished it on my laptop, and sent it via a dial-up connection of all things.  It's great to know that I can go and spend some extended time with my family and continue working.  This is one of the things I look forward to now that I'm freelancing full time.
Sketches for 'Resistance'
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