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SERGIO news and pics
I'll be at the Children's Museum of Manhattan Playworks exhibit this Saturday at 11 a.m. signing SERGIO Makes A Splash!  and drawing with the kids.  Drop by if you're in the area.

Below are some pictures from a recent signing at Barnes and Noble in Morris Plains.  It's a lot of fun and rewarding to see kids interact with the book.   I read, they asked questions, and they drew their own versions of Sergio!   That was pretty cool.  Even fellow Drawger Mike Moran showed up and got in on the drawing action.

Sergio is a bit of a procrastinator and hasn't finished his snazzy website.  In the meantime is being forwarded over to my original post here which will be updated with info and pics until the official site is finished, probably around 2028...

Sergio received a starred review from Publisher's Weekly.  I've been told that's a very good thing.  Here's the Publisher's Weekly review:

Publisher’s Weekly (Starred Review):
"Sergio the penguin isn't afraid of all water—just “the very deep kind.” But with the help of floaties, a snorkel, a life preserver, he discovers that taking the plunge isn't so bad after all. A penguin with a fear of swimming is both a comic and a useful premise—plenty of similarly haunted readers will want to laugh at Rodriguez's (Float Like a Butterfly) sympathetic presentation, and his illustrations guarantee that they'll be able to share the fun, too. Rendered in a minimalist, three-color palette (aqua, midnight blue and orange), these mostly full-spread images each pack a poster-like punch (Rodriguez is an acclaimed poster designer as well as a former Time art director). He finds occasions for jokes (on the walls of Sergio's bedroom hang framed portraits of other black-and-white creatures: cow, Dalmatian, panda, zebra, soccer player), creates dynamic vignettes and makes even Sergio's back look expressive. One of those rare books that doesn't sacrifice child appeal in its embrace of up-to-the-minute visual techniques. Ages 3–6.
Mike Moran's Sergio is pretty neat!
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