Edel Rodriguez
Poster for ICON5, The Illustration Conference
Last summer I was asked by Whitney Sherman, the president of ICON5 to create the poster and artwork for the illustration conference.  I was able to do whatever I wanted for the poster and this is what I came up with.  A bunch of illustration freaks invading New York City and the locals typically going about their business.  One of the memorable things from the carnivals I went to as a kid were images of people walking around with large paper maché heads bobbing from side to side as they danced through the parade.  This was one of the inspirations for this image. 

Some of the past posters were heavy on the typography so I wanted this one to be more about the illustration.  I decided on doing the type as a subway sign at the top and have it be part of the art.  Dave Plunkert and his firm, SPUR Design, are doing all of the design and production work for the conference and he has been very helpful throughout this big project.  I believe they sent out about 5,000 posters in the mail, they should have arrived by now.  The art will also be on a number of street light banners in NYC, on the program cover, and on a set of playing cards that Xerox is putting together to hand out at the conference.

Thanks to Whitney, Dave, and the rest of the ICON Board (including Drawger's own Don Kilpatrick and Nancy Stahl) for letting me do whatever I wanted with this poster.  The Board has been working hard on this conference and I appreciate their work.  I've spent a lot of time on this image and a number of other illustrations for the program, banners, and sponsor brochure, and realize how much work goes into ICON.  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at The Roosevelt Hotel in NYC, July 2-5! 

I'll be doing a signing of these posters on Wednesday, July 2, 5-6pm at the Roadshow portfolio review event.  Go to the website here to sign up for the conference and read more about it.

A larger view of the art here, some details and a pencil study below:
Pencil study, 18" x 24"
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