Edel Rodriguez
ICON Limited edition poster signing
If you're an art director and would like to get your hands on a free limited edition print of my ICON poster, drop by the Roadshow portfolio review event going on this Wednesday as part of the illustration conference.   The posters are printed on heavyweight Mohawk fine paper, ready for framing.

When:  Tomorrow, Wednesday, July 2, 5-6pm
Where:  Roosevelt Hotel, Madison Avenue and 45th Street,  NYC

More info about the ICON Roadshow here.  A great place to meet illustrators face to face and see their recent work.  A mix of new and established illustrators, check out the link above for the full list.

I'm just back from the American Library Association convention in L.A., a fun and crazy event with about 15,000 librarians, publishers, kids, etc.  I've got my signing hand on ice for the day and will be back to 100% signing capacity by tomorrow evening!

Great to have met the Drawgers on the West Coast on Saturday.  More to come....
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