Edel Rodriguez
Cover for The Washington Post Book World
This is a cover I did last week for The Washington Post Book World.   They were reviewing three books about Darwin on the occasion of his 200th birthday.  Darwin was an abolitionist and part of his theories of evolution were meant take apart the institution of slavery.  The article "Darwin the Liberator, How evolutionary thought undermined the rational for slavery" is here at The Washington Post.  This will be the last Book World cover at The Washington Post.  The paper is being redesigned and most of these articles will appear in other parts of the paper.   Since I've done so many covers for them, the AD, JoEllen Murphy, wanted me to do the last one.   I started there with Kelly Doe as AD back in the mid 90s. Kelly gave me a lot of great work when I was just trying to figure out what illustration was, and was always very encouraging.    I also worked with Francis Tanabe, Lisa Schreiber, Beth Broadwater, and Carole Porter over the years.  I added a few of those other cover images below.
Final art
"Golden Shackles" cover, 2006, Lisa Schreiber - AD
"Water: The Fate of Our Most Precious Resource" cover, 2000, Kelly Doe - AD
Review of Paul Bremer's book on Iraq, 2006, Francis Tanabe - AD
Cover image from 2007, Carole Porter - AD
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