Edel Rodriguez
Special Report
Old Blue Eyes himself
Joe Piscopo handed out candy today to many unimpressed children in a small American town today.  The town was celebrating its annual “Children’s Day”, an event where little ones become the center of attention and are given large trophies for their home-made floats. All of this, essentially, is just a lot of extra work for their parents. 

At the evening concert held at the baseball field later in the evening, we were able to catch up with Mr. Piscopo backstage, located somewhere behind second base. When asked by this reporter what Mr. Piscopo had been up to since the heydays of Saturday Night Live, Mr. Piscopo responded, “A little this and that”.  When pressed further to describe the details of the "this" or the "that", Mr. Piscopo refused to answer, citing national security concerns.

Later in the evening, Mr. Piscopo regaled the awaiting crowd with his take on Frank Sinatra songs.  He began with “Lady is a Tramp”, and finished off the evening with “NJ, NJ”, cleverly substituting “NJ” for the classic “New York”.  Mr. Piscopo also “covered” a Cole Porter tune and did a lovely little rap number, all the while dropping jokes with expiration dates that had expiration dates.  

In the expanse of one and a half hours Mr. Piscopo managed to play the guitar, the saxophone, and the flute. He also mixed things up with an extended drum solo.  The words “Renaissance Man” were heard somewhere in the crowd.

All in all, it was a pretty good evening for the sleepy hamlet.  While walking home, many in the crowd were heard saying it could have been worse.

For a photo essay of the event by an artist that finds inspiration in this suburban cotton candy please drop by now and visit a gallery that goes by the title of Garden State
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