Edel Rodriguez publishes my visual essay of Cuba
When Fidel Castro ceded power to his brother last week the editors of TIME magazine's website,, approached me about publishing a series of my drawings as a visual essay.  They knew I had been back to Cuba several times and they had seen some of my work from my trips. 

I was also asked to write my personal experiences of the people and places in my drawings.  I've been writing for the last couple of days and the entire essay is up now on their site.  It is titled "A Vision of Cuba".  You can see it here

It's been a personal project that I've worked on just for myself over the years and it's satisfying to see it published as a group.  I don't believe has ever published an illustrated essay so this is a very cool thing.  They usually do photographic essays.

The website tracks how often stories are visited during the week.  I assume if this illustrated essay is a popular format they are likely to do it again.  So, for the good of illustration, and to learn more about where I come from, please go check it out. Forward the link to whomever you think is interested.  I have taken the week off work to sit at my computer and hit return, over, and over, and over again.

Thanks, Edel
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