Edel Rodriguez
EXCLUSIVE: publishes the BACK of my Cuba drawings
colored pencil, bic pen, on blue paper
I wanted to thank everyone for checking out my essay on  I think of Drawger as a place to see things we usually don't see, a look at the other side of illustration, etc.  So, for the first time in public, here are the backs of my drawings. 

I find some of these just as interesting as the fronts.  I did these as a monoprint technique, where the paper is placed on a piece of plexiglass that has woodblock ink on it.  Before placing the paper, I try to figure out the composition by drawing with color pencil, a crayon, whatever I have on the back.  I then try to find the right lines, take out things I don't want to show on the other side (front), etc.  I draw somewhat blindly on the front of the paper with pastel.  I then  push down onto the paper on the back with a bic pen or a hard pencil and the imprint of the woodblock ink that is on the plexi shows up in the front, over the pastel. 

Therefore, all the final images are in reverse of the way I work on the back.  Makes for interesting working procedure for sure, but I enjoy the accidents and blindness of the whole thing.  Very liberating.

If you haven't yet and want to see the fronts of these things, you're going to have to go here
colored pencil, bic pen, pastel thumbprints, 3H pencil on textured yellow paper
pencil and bic pen on charcoal paper
colored pencil and bic pen on orange paper
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