Edel Rodriguez
QUICK POLL: Fidel Castro Watch
Just reading the morning paper, and hey, I'm on the front page!
CASTRO UPDATE:  New "pictures" have been released from the Cuban Press office showing Castro chilling out in his Adidas gear.
Above is the standard, "Hey, I'm holding today's paper, I must be alive" dead dictator picture.  Below is the "Hey, I'm talking to someone on a land line phone, I must be alive" dead dictator picture.  I find these amusing, whatever is happening with the guy.

The Poll is:  Real or Photoshop? 

I had the idea to put them up here because so many of you have incredible eyes and Photoshop skills to match.  The entire Miami exile community is anxiously awaiting confirmation one way or the other from the esteemed digital experts at Drawger Imaging. 

Additional Note: How to word carefully, hmm.....  Images herewith were brought to the world through a certain island press outfit.  Some in said outfit surreptitiously wonder the hood of the Drawg, the Drawg has quite a reach.   I know as such because the peeps have made contact.  If such "homies" can confirm what the dealy yo with these pics, that would be "excelente".
Would you like anchovies on that pizza, señor?
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