Edel Rodriguez
Newsweek Cover
This is my cover for this week's Newsweek International cover, "Learning to Love the Bomb, How nuclear weapons may make the world a safer place".  I wanted the cover to have a direct and graphic feel.  I worked on a number of sketches in that direction, and this one seemed to communicate the point across in a clear manner with a little bit of levity .  I might work some of the other ideas below into posters as well.  I worked with Adolfo Valle at Newsweek on this assignment and he was great throughout.  The cover story is online here. Some excerpts below:

"A growing and compelling body of research suggests that nuclear weapons may not, in fact, make the world more dangerous, as Obama and most people assume. The bomb may actually make us safer............The argument that nuclear weapons can be agents of peace as well as destruction rests on two deceptively simple observations. First, nuclear weapons have not been used since 1945. Second, there's never been a nuclear, or even a nonnuclear, war between two states that possess them. Just stop for a second and think about that: it's hard to overstate how remarkable it is, especially given the singular viciousness of the 20th century. As Kenneth Waltz, the leading "nuclear optimist" and a professor emeritus of political science at UC Berkeley puts it, "We now have 64 years of experience since Hiroshima. It's striking and against all historical precedent that for that substantial period, there has not been any war among nuclear states."
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