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Geoffrey Grahn, RIP
Geoffrey Grahn, Thom Yorke of Radiohead for Entertainment Weekly, 1997. John Korpics and Joe Kimberling, art directors. A beautiful piece, selected for American Illustration #17.
Very sad news from theispot: "This past summer marked the loss of a young, talented artist, Geoffrey Grahn, 47.  Geoffrey was an extremely quiet man, but his work was eloquent, and his laughter was heard loud and clear in the wonderful pictures he made.  He was most proud of a children’s book he created for and dedicated to his young twin sons,  Everett and Joseph.  Geoffrey Grahn's illustrations appeared on doughnut boxes, Hot Wheels, television commercials, video games, posters, cd's, book covers, t-shirts, stickers, patches, magazines and the soles of tennis shoes. In addition to his sons, he leaves behind his beautiful wife, Pat.  He will be missed by the illustration community, where his witty, intelligent work was celebrated with numerous awards throughout his career."

Geoffrey Grahn, spread from "WHY" book, Picture Mechanics.
When I was an art director, I worked with Geoffrey on a number of projects and he was always a pleasure.  Geoffrey was also a fellow member of Picture Mechanics.  A few years back, Picture Mechanics put together a book of images and words entitled "WHY". Above is one of Geoffrey's pieces in the book, and these were the words that accompanied it:

Geoffrey Grahn: "The reason for "WHY" I became an illustrator is not unique.  Most of us enjoyed drawing as children.  I know my career decision was self-decided before the age of five.  Today, I have two young sons who enjoy taking baths in the kitchen sink, spending "bath time" staring out of the window in front of them.  Recently, I began thinking about words of wisdom that I might in the future give for their career choices.  This process made me realize how easy it is to be pessimistic during these challenging times.  I guess, when robots take over society, people will place a higher value on handmade things."

Spread from "WHY" book.
Geoffrey Grahn, Men's Health magazine, 2000, Michael Jones, AD, American Illustration Annual #20
Cartoon panel animation
Geoffrey Grahn, Cover for American Illustration Annual
from "WHY" book, Picture Mechanics
Geoffrey Grahn, One from the series "The Poorhouse", a brief history of the poorhouse in America, 2007. Monte Beauchamp, Art Director, Publication: BLAB!
Geoffrey Grahn, Super fan, for TV Land campaign, American Illustration 21
Los Angeles Magazine, 2002, Joe Kimberling, AD. American Illustration 21
LA Weekly, 2003, Dana Collins, AD. American Illustration 22
College drinking, Westword magazine, American Illustration 21
Geoffrey's latest picture book, "What's Going on in There".  More info about the book here on Amazon.

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