Edel Rodriguez
"Carteles" magazine, published in Havana 1919-1960
Cubacartel is a new spot on Facebook that my friend Carlos Zamora set up to communicate between designers in Cuba and those that have emigrated out of the island and are scattered around the globe.  Facebook has become one of the best places to stay in touch with people within Cuba, since there are sometimes problems with phone and e-mail communication.  Carlos left Cuba a few years ago and now lives in St. Louis.  He uses Cubacartel to teach some of his students at Washington University as well.  He asked me to add my own work to the page and now I've started to contribute some other work that I like, vintage and contemporary, such as the wonderful set of covers for "Carteles" magazine above.  "Cartel" means poster in spanish.  "Carteles" is one of the many lifestyle periodicals that were published in Cuba before the revolution—it was published between 1919 and 1960.   Everyone is welcomed over at Cubacartel.  If you're on Facebook, join the group to get regular updates here.  If you're not on Facebook, you can bookmark it and come back periodically.  Below are some other posters and designs on the site, from various time periods.

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