Edel Rodriguez
Up and Down Decade
A couple of weeks ago some of us began talking about the past decade's all around suckiness, and I started charting it out to try and make some sense of it.  The bad news were tempered by some great news, mostly kids and family.  After 9/11 we had a fire at our house which threw us into a whirlwind of activity for the following two years.  We lost a lot of things, artwork, furniture, etc., but were glad to make it out o.k.  I had a bolt of lightning hit 10 feet away from me and I'm still here.  Yay!  Over the last year, it's been sad to see great friends lose their jobs and see businesses shutting down, here's hoping for better times ahead. 
As I was writing this, my wife called me over and she was very excited.  Our 11 month old is slowly crawling up the stairs for the first time, one small step at a time.  Seemed like a fitting moment.

Happy New Decade to everyone!

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