Edel Rodriguez
Labor Day
Today is Labor Day.  As we barbecue, chill out, or whatever, I just wanted everyone to keep these guys, our soldiers on their minds.  I doubt they’ll have the day off.  I don’t think you have any day off when you’re in a war.  I would think you’re always “on”.

As we complain about all the deadlines and assignments we have to finish because we took too much work, these soldiers are plodding along, getting paid squat.  Their families are at home, hoping their loved one will come back alive.

I did this image last year I think, for an article on the war, things haven’t changed much since then.  It’s pretty self explanatory.  Whenever I see a soldier I try to go up and say thanks.  I don’t want to bug them, but they seem to appreciate it.  Servicemen were the first Americans I saw when I got here.  They literally pulled me off the boat and plopped me down on American soil, so I have a warm place in my heart for them.  They gave me food, water, toys, they were just wonderful people.

Alexis Martin, A Cuban rafter that found his way to the U.S. in 1994 recently contacted me.  Through hard work he has been able to set up an online business selling Cuban clothing.  He wants to take his site to another level and wanted help with a logo and a look that says his place is “the place” for Cuban stuff.  We have a lot in common so I hope I can help out in some way.  He sent me his story from a website.  I just read it and it gave me a lump in my throat.

If you want to read a great Labor Day hard worker story as well as a story on how wonderful our American troops can be (An Army Colonel helped him get his dream of a business off the ground), check out the following link (scroll down when you're there):

And, if you want some great Cuban stuff, go to the guy’s website. Which will hopefully kick more visual booty when I’m done with it:

And, don’t forget, election in TWO months.
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