Edel Rodriguez
AI32 LIVE cover project
My covers in progress

I was asked to take part this weekend in American Illustration's Live Cover Project.  Under the direction of Richard Turley, Creative Director of Businessweek, and this year's AI book designer, 36 artists and designers will be creating 300 one of a kind original hand painted covers in a live weekend studio-marathon event.  I spent the day there on Saturday and finished 13 covers in about six hours.   In terms of process, I painted directly on blank book covers without a preparatory sketch so things went by fairly fast.  I shared a space with Peter Arkle, Jon Burgerman, and You Jung Byun and we all had a wonderful time together.  The paper stock was ideal and really lent itself to working in any medium.  I mostly worked with acrylic, markers, spray paint, and used a drill to get some die cutting effects on the cover.   A video of the weekend's event is forthcoming.  Below are some photos and my 13 book covers.
My setup, Peter Arkle behind me, and You Jung Bun and Jon Burgerman across. Marcellus Hall was sequestered in the back room. There were also a couple of live models for those that wanted to paint the figure.

Jon Burgerman was painting portraits of the artists on his covers and did this one of me.

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