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Cover for The Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association. The subject for this cover is Polypills, a combination of multiple pills in one with a look at the potential dangers. The Tidsskrift covers present a unique design challenge consisting of silhouettes against white backgrounds. Art Director, Emma Dalby is wonderful to work with.

Looking for a Second Earth in the Shadows, for Nautilus. Art Director Len Small is a great collaborator and we have worked on numerous projects together this past year. This is a full page for the issue, Light on the subject of exoplanets.

Cover for the Phoenix New Times on The New Segregation: School choice in Arizona takes on different meaning if your kid has special needs. Charter schools In Arizona have thrived by focusing on high performing kids and increasing test scores while making it clear to parents that their kids with special needs aren’t welcome and won’t get good services at their schools.
Art Director, Peter Storch was great to work with and it’s a subject I was glad to have the opportunity to illustrate. My niece is on the autism spectrum and has been bounced from school to school, as are many other kids I know.

An ex-con runs for congress in New Jersey. It was a pleasure working with Monica Ramos and Tom Carlson on this Village Voice cover.

“The Stranger Who Changed My Life” an essay about a librarian who picked a book for a little girl and it changed the girl’s life, made her want to be a writer. A full page in Readers Digest with Art Director, Marti Golon with whom I started working with at Time Magazine a while back.

For PLANSPONSOR on the subject of “To or Through TDF’s?” SooJin Buzelli, another frequent collaborator and champion of illustration, always simplifies complex subject matter by providing a key phrase to focus on, in this case “to or through.”

Why Mom’s Time is Different from Dad’s Time? For the review section of The Wall Street Journal, an essay adapted from Jennifer Senior’s book, “All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenthood.” Art Director, Keith Webb, is always a joy to work with.

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