Ellen Weinstein
Nautilus Quarterly cover

The Summer 2014 Nautilus Quarterly that I illustrated the cover of has just been published. The cover focuses on a fascinating article about the photographer Thomas Struth’s photographs of the Amazon rain forest and their surprising influence on scientists studying the jungle. The photographer’s images seemed more “real” and revealing than reality. It was a very tight deadline, and after an initial conversation, Len Small, the Art Director and I agreed that an image open to multiple reads and interpretations would be best. “Outside Looking In” is a title that pairs well with the image. Big thanks to Len and the team at Nautilus for the great project!

Sam Weber, illustrator extraordinaire, interviewed me for his podcast, Your Dreams My Nightmares. I often listen to Sam’s podcasts while working, so it was fun to be a guest on the show. Big thanks to Sam for the invite. You can listen here.

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