Ellen Weinstein
The Escape for Dellas Frogfolio

I was thrilled when Jim Burke invited me to participate in this year's Dellas graphics Frogfolio calendar. The only art direction Jim gave was to include a frog in the image. The project was a perfect opportunity to create a narrative based on elements I love to illustrate: signage, textures, posters and animals.

I lived in Paris the summer between my Sophomore and Junior years at Pratt. Despite my best intentions, I had not become fluent in French during my flight from New York. My first few weeks were spent wandering around Paris, collecting posters and photographing signage, doors and textures. Focusing on what I loved allowed me to get comfortable in a new environment. I have traveled to many different places since then but what I photograph remains the same. I encourage my students to find what interests them and build their world around that.


Apologies to A.M. Cassandre

Detail of crazy chef.

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