Ellen Weinstein
The Unlikely for Nautilus part 1
The cover.

I was thrilled when Len Small asked me to be the lead illustrator of an issue of Nautilus. We had worked together previously on a story about genetic testing for the June issue. Although only a few months old, Nautilus has quickly earned its reputation as a fantastic showcase for illustration and science writing. The articles are intelligent and thought provoking with each issue exploring a single topic in depth. Gerard Dubois and John Hendrix were the lead illustrators of earlier issues filled with beautiful art.
The August issue is called “The Unlikely” and its articles explore the immeasurable distance between probability and possibility. I was relieved to learn that being struck by lightning was unlikely, but unfortunately, so are my chances of winning the Powerball jackpot. Many of the stories examine when the odds are stacked against us and then there are the examples of when we beat the odds covering a variety of subjects in science, philosophy, and medicine. My inner nerd couldn’t have been happier.

Monsters, Marvels and the Birth of Science

Their Giant Steps to a Cure. Medicine: Battling a rare form of muscular dystrophy, a family finds an activist leader, and hope.

When Past Disasters Are Prologue

A Treatise on Miracles by History’s Most Famous Atheist

With one month to complete the project, ten full-page illustrations and six spots from start to finish, I had completed close to eighty sketches in total. And as Gerard explained in his post, I too experienced the unique challenge to accommodate today’s new media in that the art needs to work in an extreme horizontal on the web and also as full-page print illustrations.
I can’t say enough about how wonderful it is to work with Nautilus’ art director, Len Small. He truly is a collaborator and champion for illustration. I encourage everyone to check out and support Nautilus and increase the likelihood that this new publication is around for a long time to come.

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