Ellen Weinstein
The Unlikely for Nautilus part two
Superstitions: Explaining the Unexplainable.

In the way that life can imitate art, unlikely, was how meeting my deadline seemed during the few weeks I had to complete this project. A computer crash (thank you, Time Machine for the back up), an ICON board meeting to prepare for and attend in Portland and a stomach flu, all seemed to be conspiring against my schedule. Fortunately, I beat the odds and can share more images from The Unlikely issue of Nautilus, I initially posted a few weeks ago. Thanks again to Len Small, Art Director and this wonderful new magazine.
In some cultures, superstition has become so entrenched that it has become part of the belief system

The Odds of Innocence. Probability: how numbers can tip the scales of justice.

Is genetic evidence the new smoking gun? (A headline that was written after the art.)

An Unlikely Cure Signals New Hope for Cancer. Medicine: How “exceptional responders” are revolutionizing treatment for the deadly disease.

A patient's brain injury provides a breakthrough for the modern science of the mind.

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