Emiliano Ponzi
HUGE PLAGIARISM! suggestions?
Last Sunday I was hanging around when I received an email from an Hungarian illustrator(thank you Hungarian friend). To respect privacy I covered some sensitive informations.
with these 2 attachments (I added "XXX" in stead of the real plagiarist name)
Thanks to this Hungarian colleague I discovered that a Slovenian illustrator took 2 images of mine, opened in Photoshop, changed color hues, LABEL HIS NAME ON THEM AND PUBLISHED THEM ON A MAGAZINE.
This morning the magazine editor called me saying she didn't know anything about it, she was so sorry about this. I could believe her, of course, a clever editor couldn't accomplice an act like that. She said that the illustrartor was convocated by the the magazine to explain the situation and he was so sad and so sorry, he had no excuses for himself.
He tried to call me this afternoon but I didn't take any calls, I wrote him "you could write by email what you want to say on the phone",then he wrote. I didn't paste the email here because it's in Italian(many people from Slovenia, Romania...speak Italian) but long story short he said he had no excuses, he was a fan of my work that's why he took my images as "inspiration". He wanted to write me to let me know.He added he was scared for his carreer and had no money. 
I browsed is website and discovered another violation, another plagiarism image done for the same magazine, this one
here he took a Noma Bar's Tom Ford portrait and did the same than with my images.
NOW, I wanted to suit him but International cause aren't an easy thing to manage and on the other side the magazine is from a no profict organizzation.
I wonder if it happened to any of you and how you would manage a situation like that.
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