A Job for Steve
Here are some nixed ideas for iTunes icons circa 2004. You won't see anything outta Apple, it's employeess or suppliers that isn't scripted. Unlike Facebook (they don't even require an NDA) Apple has total control. Which makes sense because they sell a highly coveted product and need to protect their assets. This work was for a respectable design firm that signed away their ability to show Apple work in a portfolio, which means they signed a WFH contract.
I don't sign (WFH) Work for Hire agreements. If I do (VERY rarely) I don't sign away my right to show the work. If you are an artist and sign a WFH agreement not only are you diminishing your authority and ability to promote yourself, you're diluting the profession. Keep in mind, 99% of the time its not art directors or design firms or agencies that play the vilain here. It's simply an agreement between you and the attorneys representing the assets of the client. So don't take it personal.
Anyhoo let's get to some work. Most of it is crap but some of it was pretty good. And 8 years later, still decent.
This is what you've known as iTunes, then and now. It's interesting but completely non proprietary. They can't own a note in a circle but you know what? It works. It functions without selling or describing or promising or promoting. In that way, all the work I did for Apple was a total failure and I completely missed the mark.

This idea was kinda fun. Could see a great animation tool if the iPerson were to escalate up and down. But again, looking back, all the ideas missed the mark. iTunes never needed a sales pitch or promise or proprietary device. They just needed note in a circle. Boom. Done.

hey, there's a note is a circle. maybe i wasn't too far away. When you do this type of work it has to be seen very small.

of all the iTunes marks developed I liked the "handy" promise but AOK here in US means FU in 13 countries. So there goes that idea. In the end it was a fun job for Jobs. Flattered to be fingered. Recently I was called up by one of Apple's main competitors (Nokia). They conferenced me in on a phone interview of sorts and began tossing out questions about Apple's process. Silly me, I assumed Apple did all kinds of research and focus grouping before they deciding which route to take. They don't. Which is what makes Steve Jobs so great.

Here is a "wonderfully emotional" interview by Doug Evans with Steve Jobs waxing logos, Paul Rand, function, meaning, and emotion. Rest in peace, Steve.

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