Look! I'm on TV, Mom!
Gotta call from CBS THe Early Show last week as ankle-deep important news spread that "Octomom" was trademarking her new name (and fame) in pursuit of a reality show and or baby clothes product line.
Naturally, I imagined all the fun that went into creating those adorable Wal Mart Shoppers.
The joy of life. 8 Times. And in an hour and half no less (the producer called at 5 and needed it inked ASAP for the next morning, dinner was at 6:30, no way I'm late for that) Wife taped it to DVR and I watched it the next the next afternoon... lo an behold it never ran. No needle to cry, Mom— CBS agreed to pay the kill fee.
stars, reborn
Today Fuchs and I relaunched after a 4 year hiatus. 
newest cover
Sometimes its hard to look at this thing. A labor of love, created 2 months before the Republican Convention in NYC, we self-published a 108 page book, letterpressed posters and screened 500 Tees and hauled it all around on a $3,000 rickshaw. And for whatever reason, the thing caught fire on boing boing, buzzfeed, creative review, and Andrew Sullivan's blog last week. And now, the cover of TNR (AD: Christine Car).
Pls RIP, GOP100.... Long live GOP100.
 Here are a few favorite images of mine. This one was teh only one not created by either Fuchs or myself. Can you guess who? Heres a hint: he lives in Berlin and can't shut up about how great NY is. He's big but may have a small trunk.
blu ass
For some reason naughty parts are funny. I can't remember who did this one. 
cry lady
 one of Fuchs's sob stories.
If this one didn't make you smile... you might just be a rocket scientist.
OK, thats it for memory lane. If you really want one of these books we only have a few thousand left. 
dig around on or if you want one. Cheers, F
The T40MAS Book
 Today is Thomas Fuchs' 40th birthday. And oh how he knows it.
artists who donated
 we let him know (by surprise) last thursday at Heather's bar.
 hilarious... steve savage (my wife's favorite)
a favorite
 gorgeous yet funny... leo espinosa
thats him!
the tax man flew in last minute and put a cheery on top of the evening. thx tax!
 one of the best was from tim o'brien... wow. thats all i gotta say
some german dude i've never met
 in no order, here are some of the images from the book we made for him
 another favorite.. from greg mably
 of course, genius Niemann was in the house...
 the actually painting is tiny.. i mean tiny.. how does he do it! his hands were made for beating the crap outta people!
veit, another german dewd
 and another...
 tracy toscano, who helped enormously on the design and facilitation of the book. we only had 2 or 3 printed up.. more to come hopefully
 pal moni, aka monika aichele
 from valentine
 scott bakal
 a great one from vasqy
 and from vecchio
 another german dewd
 from veit
 sam weber banged one out on late notice... like, a few hours notice! thx Sam!
Sam is one of Fuch's old students, now a super rockstarillustrator.
the wolf
from  "wolfy"
 brodner cranked this one out last minute... thx steve.. great.
 pal wesley bedrosian
he never does this
the classy clown, barry blitt.
this one really made me laugh for some reason. maybe because its funny. gee i don't know.
its jizz, not white-out
 he even added some subtle jizz stain action. what a guy!
 one from his girlfriend, adrianne (I liked this one but for the record, I told her to just kiss a napkin and scan it but she wouldn't listen!)
 art director elaine ahn
 love this one from tim bower
bower closer
 heres a close up.. nailed him
from some art directors
 brantly/ larry & festino
 joel castillo. this ones growing on me.
 a little good sex wish from dirty dawg marcos chin
 cuneo and i forget, another german dude
cuneo/ edelman
 a close up of cuneo's... yes, thats edelman on a yellow sub
 a panty dropper from dena verseca.. welll done dena!
we twisted his arm
 the one and only Heinz Edelman, of yellow submarine fame (fuchs teacher)
your favorite meat head and mine, david flaherty
 theresa ortolani.. nicely done
 brilliant.. andy rash.. totally nailed him
 brian rea bea-rang it
 german thilo rothaker.. hey i actually know this one! this one got some hard laughs
last one
 and last but not least, super star goddess yuko shimizu.
hope you enjoyed it. thank you to all the contributors who
sent Tracy and I the art. We really loved it.
and happy birthday again, Fuchs. No one will ever top this fucking thing.
ACLU, Public Citizen and your vote
I was recently asked to design a new identity for Ralph Nader's Public Citizen, a 3 decades old organization with an average member age of 72. But before I show you the work I did I'd like to show you an older identity I worked on for the ACLU about 7 years ago. Then me and the client would like to ask your opinion.
 Here is how the ACLU logo ended (badly!). 
lazy boy
 OK, getting started here were my initial ideas for Public Citizen. Hell yes I'm lazy. That's quite obvious.
 moving forward. I still like Nicholas B's idea here. It never went anywhere but theres no reason not to offer it up. If anything it served as a conversation starter.
 OK, now I'm slowly getting into it. Some of these icons came from a job from the newsletter for Atomic Scientists. Moving on...
 a close up of a few linked icon ideas. The main thrust of the identity is to be carried through on the website.
 a few more styled items
 and a gothic, signage idea using gotham
none of that stuff went anywhere so  we went back and looked at a few more lady liberty photos. this one the client liked
 but i kinda liked the straight forward lady. but then, it is kind of boring.
 here were a few uses
 and this is where we landed. james, a long-time client and now friend was previously at human rights campaign. 
 these were the colors james liked. different, for sure. 
i was pretty impressed that james thought it would be a good idea to post this work online to get a few more opinions from you on this identity and how it fares. we initially went to my friend armin vit over at "Brand New", who declined posting it, adding "It's too small and no one will really care."
I got a big laugh outta that and appreciated his honesty. 
 Now I'm asking for yours. 
Without any kind of brief, strategy or any of the usual design hoo hah, which would you suggest (if anything) to James at Public Citizen? Don't sugar coat your answers. Be honest.
Butt plugs for Obama, in LA
Obama hits dance floor
Blitt foto booth
 A few weeks ago I got an e mail from someone in LA asking for art, stickers, posters and wwhatever else I could donate for an Obama fundraiser. A few minutes ago I recieved a belated thank you and a link to some interesting pictures I thought to share. The first is of Barry Blitts NYer cover. Hilarious.
close up
 They should have cut arm holes though.
Shep's skin
 This I thought was an interesting use of Shepherd Fairey's widely praised Obama drawing in ink party-tattoo form. Looks pretty good. People love wearing and getting directly involved with our work. We don't always see that side of it but....
My Obeyma
 At least I know what they thought of my "Obeyma" stickers. A Shep Fairey send up/ put down, I thought this was a funny idea. It still is. But I'm done with it.
People are shitting all over it. Literally.
Looking forward to seeing some more Obama party pics. If you like to see more these see links below:
Hi Felix,
First of all, I apologize for the lateness of this message. 
I am writing to finally thank you for the Obeyma stickers and posters that you sent to me for our gObama fundraiser. You artwork is amazing - everyone was dying to get their hands on a sticker, and the posters went quickly as well. We had an incredible night - raising over $3,300 for the campaign and inspiring a few others to throw fundraisers of their own. 

The party was written up in a local political blog, and photographed by the We Are the Ones Project. You will see party goers wearing your stickers in some of their photos.

It was more of a success that we could have imagined, and you helped to make it so. The creative energy and support that was given from people like you made it a special night. Many called it magical - new connections were made and old were rediscovered.

I pasted below links to the blog article, some photos, and the We Are the Ones site. Enjoy.

And thank you so much for your kindness and generosity.

Best always, 
Lindsey Walker


Helping myself... and my candidate
18X24 sheet
 been on this Giant Obama (no more Obeyma!) for some time now... and about to print up some large 18X24 posters to send out to various swing states as well as clients and friends (you want one?).
This b/w (version A) side has "The American Promise" with a likeness of our next president (God willing, wink).
version B
 this is the another side (call it B) that I need your help with. Y'see, I still use (love?) CS1 and we now live in a CS4 world. Let me explain...
the logo
 THis is the official Obama logo, created by Sender, LLC and mo/de out of Chicago. 
(they did a hell of a job if they're listening btw)
notice the subtle gradient blends. I usually hate blends but it works here for some reason.
my dliemmna
 Now heres where I need you. When I combine the two files it won't cooperate. You know how it is. Nothing reads.
Its totally fucked up.
So, are you a wizard at CS3 or even 4? Anyone? Can you help me out before the election is over?
I'll add your name to the credits and send you some printed copies... e mail me directly if you want: felix@felixsockwell dot com.
with Pelavin
------UPDATE 10-08-08-------
 I'm amazed and super thankful a real pro like Daniel Pelavin took the time and effort to redraw this thing the right way for me. This is exactly what I was hoping for. It goes to press today and will be shipped to PA and OH and, of course, to you if you really want one. 
poster credits
 I gotta give props to DP. and may as well to the logo designers. Doing some research, I was surprised to hear the design firm owner here: say that Mr. Sender was unsure if the logo would remain intact if Mr. Obama won the Democratic nomination.

“I’m sure if he gets the nomination new things will be done,” Mr. Sender said.

I guess he got right before he guessed it wrong. Still, they deserve props. I think its a work of real merit (if not genius).

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