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They call me Freelix.
Welcome to another addition of shit I did for free lately. This is our local library. My neighbor Barbara (nice lady) works there. She wrote me last week:

Hi Felix,


As I mentioned to you earlier, a committee of librarians is working to redesign our website, and we see it as an opportunity to “rebrand” ourselves with a new visual identity.  We are hoping for either a logotype or just a typographic identity; we want something that would work both on our website and other electronic communications (email newsletter, for example) and also on our printed communications: letterhead, business cards, etc.  It should look good either in color or black and white.  In addition, we would appreciate a color palette that might work for us online.


Up to now our graphics have usually featured some kind of maple leaf and a green palette.  We want to continue to reflect the community with a “Maplewood” kind of look, but we are hoping for something lighter, more modern, more “open”.


None of us has much experience working with a professional designer.  We are reaching out to a couple of designers in our acquaintance, asking to see their portfolios, and eventually asking for quotes.  I showed your website to the committee a few days ago and they were enthusiastic about your work and asked me to approach you.  The Friends of the Library has provided us with a budget for the website project and this is part of that, but as you can imagine given the current economy our budget is “bare bones”.  Can you give me an idea of how you think we might proceed?


Thank you for any help you can provide. And please give my regards to Brooke and Natalie-- I enjoyed our conversation.  They are really adorable!




Barbara didn't know it but someone on her staff had heard about me (Freelix) and e mailed the week before asking if I might entertain the idea of drawing a new logo for the library. My first thought (as you'll see below) was to use some "Esquire book club" scrap from a job with Dragos Lemnei many years ago. Here was my process:

I like doing these cut paper ideas. This one is a little bit old school (boring?) but I think it has broad appeal and the library could utilize silkscreened prints and raise money to fill the budget whole. Or not.
Maybe I just wanted to feed my new Yudu machine some ink.
See those blue and red amerbliths on the window? thats how i did these. I cut them out and tape them onto the screen. Clean-up time is a breeze. The fish design you see is something Vasquez and I are doing for Heller/ desigNYC that I'll be posting soon. Freelix out.

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