June 2011
Arturo's of Maplewood
Meet Dan. Great guy. Makes pie.
Makes great pie. I mean really great pie. His pie was recently honored in "the Oscars of Food" when he became the town’s first James Beard Award-nominated chef.  Richer was a semifinalist in the category of Rising Star Chef of the year, which singled out talented young chefs who are likely to significantly impact the food industry. He was also written up in the NYTimes.
I've been eating pie there every week for around 5 years. My 6 yr old daughter Brooke refuses to go anymore because we go too much. I have to trick her into it.
I should note here that dan uses a local CSA for his salad and vegetable offerings, uses eco friendly boxes and and packaging and has recently started a mini farmer's market outside his store on thursdays. You can buy the bread he makes shown  in this picture. Or whatever. Carrots.
Before I bust Dan's balls I wanna say that as decrepid as his logo is (especially given his recent rise) he can rest easy knowing Herman Cain has been nominated as having maintained the worst brand in the country: Godfather's Pizza.
I've never eaten there but its quite obvious they don't know anything about pizza. Look at the logo.
This is the bacon cheeseburger pizza offered at Godfather's. With pickles. You will not find this item on Dan's menu.
I love this photo. Especially how they tossed in a few tomatoes and parsely. Are you kidding me? Parsely?
there are so many versions of the brand that is Godfather's Pizza it will force you to order to give up and order that cheeseburger pie.

This is Dan's logo. Sometimes when I look at Dan and I see this thing, this fire icon thing, I want to kick Dan in the balls. And I have (metaphorically). When I first saw it in the window I said "Dan, you know that new logo of yours? Yeah, it sucks balls" and he said "Yeah. Yeah I know it does."
He got my respect that day. A normal pie person would've gotten mad and spit in my pie. Or kick me in the balls. Dan didn't. Because I was watching him.
I've had this file going ever since Dan and I had that little talk. Some of it morphed into other local establishments that went broke. St James's Gate currently uses Bernhard Modern and squeezes it horizontally. Huge foul but I go there anyway

a few sketches. He changed the named from "brick oven" to the more upscale "osteria and pizzaria".

the string, or aroma idea could translate well in the window.

kinda weird i admit. but worth showing

Dan, if you're out there, here is your new logo. This ones on the house. I'll be by later for my usual. Cheers buddy.

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