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Tim O'Brien said something memorable at ICON6: "Bad realism offends me". His admission rang bells for me, because bad type (or logos) also make me uncomfortable. Sometimes angry. Now, I don't know who the hell designed the drawger logo and frankly I don't want to know because I may get beat up after this 30 minute review/ redeux. Apologies in advance. Hurt Tim. He inspired it.
There aren't too many faces worse than bauhaus, the face that gives a face to this site. OK, Gil Sans is bad. It coulda been worse. Optima is fairly vomitous, you're right. But how about Comic Sans? Faces like Comic Sans are OK to me. Only because people seem to pick on them too often. Comic Sans is my friend. Chill.
just messing around with it
You know what would be cool? If drawger had a voting system ala Brand New. Have you ever been to Brand New? It gives people a kwik, anonymous way of judging whether something is inspired or offensive. I don't know how well that would translate here but my guess is that it might. So with that, here are some icons I designed many moons ago for a creative site called the Social Design Network.
They didn't like them/ didn't use them. Which is fine. The idea of judging art online by punching goofy buttons isn't exactly high brow now is it?
But here we are. Go ahead. Rip me a new one. "Kill me now" or let your pet vulture peck my eyes out while Tim tosses the rest of me into a trash bin. 
You have to agree, there are a lot of agreeable comments posted here on drawger. Sit down Ronaldo, I wasn't talking to you.
So, as you sit there asleep in your chair and wonder what the hell a drawger is and why you still own that old school wooden art desk you found outside on the curb in 1986, I ask you: what offends you these days? bad realism? bad type? badly construed articles on drawger? Hit me.

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