Helping myself... and my candidate
18X24 sheet
 been on this Giant Obama (no more Obeyma!) for some time now... and about to print up some large 18X24 posters to send out to various swing states as well as clients and friends (you want one?).
This b/w (version A) side has "The American Promise" with a likeness of our next president (God willing, wink).
version B
 this is the another side (call it B) that I need your help with. Y'see, I still use (love?) CS1 and we now live in a CS4 world. Let me explain...
the logo
 THis is the official Obama logo, created by Sender, LLC and mo/de out of Chicago. 
(they did a hell of a job if they're listening btw)
notice the subtle gradient blends. I usually hate blends but it works here for some reason.
my dliemmna
 Now heres where I need you. When I combine the two files it won't cooperate. You know how it is. Nothing reads.
Its totally fucked up.
So, are you a wizard at CS3 or even 4? Anyone? Can you help me out before the election is over?
I'll add your name to the credits and send you some printed copies... e mail me directly if you want: felix@felixsockwell dot com.
with Pelavin
------UPDATE 10-08-08-------
 I'm amazed and super thankful a real pro like Daniel Pelavin took the time and effort to redraw this thing the right way for me. This is exactly what I was hoping for. It goes to press today and will be shipped to PA and OH and, of course, to you if you really want one. 
poster credits
 I gotta give props to DP. and may as well to the logo designers. Doing some research, I was surprised to hear the design firm owner here: say that Mr. Sender was unsure if the logo would remain intact if Mr. Obama won the Democratic nomination.

“I’m sure if he gets the nomination new things will be done,” Mr. Sender said.

I guess he got right before he guessed it wrong. Still, they deserve props. I think its a work of real merit (if not genius).

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