ACLU, Public Citizen and your vote
I was recently asked to design a new identity for Ralph Nader's Public Citizen, a 3 decades old organization with an average member age of 72. But before I show you the work I did I'd like to show you an older identity I worked on for the ACLU about 7 years ago. Then me and the client would like to ask your opinion.
 Here is how the ACLU logo ended (badly!). 
lazy boy
 OK, getting started here were my initial ideas for Public Citizen. Hell yes I'm lazy. That's quite obvious.
 moving forward. I still like Nicholas B's idea here. It never went anywhere but theres no reason not to offer it up. If anything it served as a conversation starter.
 OK, now I'm slowly getting into it. Some of these icons came from a job from the newsletter for Atomic Scientists. Moving on...
 a close up of a few linked icon ideas. The main thrust of the identity is to be carried through on the website.
 a few more styled items
 and a gothic, signage idea using gotham
none of that stuff went anywhere so  we went back and looked at a few more lady liberty photos. this one the client liked
 but i kinda liked the straight forward lady. but then, it is kind of boring.
 here were a few uses
 and this is where we landed. james, a long-time client and now friend was previously at human rights campaign. 
 these were the colors james liked. different, for sure. 
i was pretty impressed that james thought it would be a good idea to post this work online to get a few more opinions from you on this identity and how it fares. we initially went to my friend armin vit over at "Brand New", who declined posting it, adding "It's too small and no one will really care."
I got a big laugh outta that and appreciated his honesty. 
 Now I'm asking for yours. 
Without any kind of brief, strategy or any of the usual design hoo hah, which would you suggest (if anything) to James at Public Citizen? Don't sugar coat your answers. Be honest.

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