stars, reborn
Today Fuchs and I relaunched after a 4 year hiatus. 
newest cover
Sometimes its hard to look at this thing. A labor of love, created 2 months before the Republican Convention in NYC, we self-published a 108 page book, letterpressed posters and screened 500 Tees and hauled it all around on a $3,000 rickshaw. And for whatever reason, the thing caught fire on boing boing, buzzfeed, creative review, and Andrew Sullivan's blog last week. And now, the cover of TNR (AD: Christine Car).
Pls RIP, GOP100.... Long live GOP100.
 Here are a few favorite images of mine. This one was teh only one not created by either Fuchs or myself. Can you guess who? Heres a hint: he lives in Berlin and can't shut up about how great NY is. He's big but may have a small trunk.
blu ass
For some reason naughty parts are funny. I can't remember who did this one. 
cry lady
 one of Fuchs's sob stories.
If this one didn't make you smile... you might just be a rocket scientist.
OK, thats it for memory lane. If you really want one of these books we only have a few thousand left. 
dig around on or if you want one. Cheers, F

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