Stairwell to Leb'nen
One of the fun things about my job is punking old timers like friend, client and legendary AIGA lifetime acheivement award winner Steve Frykholm, Herman Miller Design Director for some 34 years. A real character and joy to work with. So when Abdo Saleh Executive Design Director at BrandCentral/ Beirut called asking for stairwell drawings, I knew where I'd push Steve. Down a stairwell. Hey, at least I drew him as a young artist.
back and forth/ tweaks with Abdo.

steve heads downtown, behind former CD Peter Bell of Fairly Painless advertising.

they tried having an artist/ painter apply the lines. twice. finally they sent out for vinyl stickers and had them match my drawings exactly.

rick vanderleek, AD at Fairly Painless.

redrawn from a Facebook job

thats not a third leg

all of the lines had to link, but it was fairly painless. thx abdo for an interesting collab. I never thought I'd be drawing stairway descendants in Lebanon.

A good deal of the assembled descenders came from this packaging job from Herman Miller, which no longer exists. Why spend days and hours creating new characters when I can redraw em from whats already the can. Yes, I'm the laziest illustrator you know. The one, so lazy, he never lifts a pen.

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