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Particle 17 Studio


Welcome to PARTICLE17 STUDIO. It's housed in a 5 story old brick mill building with over a hundred and fifty arts and crafts studios. On the first Saturday of each month the building has an open house where the public is invited to browse the complex and visit the artists in their studios. At the studio I am concentrating on my 3D junk characters, Architectual elements, Rayguns and Comix.

The robot doorway to my studio.

Don't be afraid ENTER!

Heads, Ray guns and objects.

More heads, Ray guns and objects.

Still more heads, Ray guns and objects

Me at my workbench or perhaps my workbench at me.

Lots more junk under the work tables. Those green bins are my neighbors, I just may grab them for junk.

I have northern facing windows with nice late afternoon sun and a nice view of train tracks.

Say Hi to Mister Muffler. Say "Goodbye" to the good people Mister Muffler.

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