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Deluxe Station Diner

JULY 21, 2010
I have had the good fortune over the last 35 years to work with Don Levy a Boston area retail and restaurant entrepreneur, creating many a logo, ad, poster and T-shirt image for his various ventures. Much of my work for him these last few years has been for his Deluxe Town Diner in Watertown, MA. His latest project is the building of a diner/restaurant within an old turn of the 19th century train station. The station was designed by the architect H. H. Richardson in 1886 and is located in Newton Centre, Ma. Besides creating the logo and promotion pieces I am working with Don on the design and construction of the interior which will have an Industrial Revolution/ Victorian feel with a large dose of whimsy. Here are the logo and one of the promotion posters. I will post photos of the interior after completion.

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