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Loopy Bazooka
After I'm gone and they review my sketchbooks, the officials will realize their gross negligence in constantly ignoring my repeated requests for a Nobel Prize in doodling.
Loopy Bazooka has a bunch more sketchbook additions in the gallery anxiously awaiting your prying eyes. Wum Muffy!

Whiz Bang for free!
Even Science can't help this one.
Another installment of 8 new drawings await you at the Whiz Bang Gallery. I am still outlining found inanimate objects and filling them with a bit of organic life.
Perhaps next I will try outlining some living objects and translate them to mechanical entities.
Any volunteers?
Trash Drawings 2
Eard Par-Ray
I am continuing to do drawings based on the outlines of collected shards of trash and assembleing them into pictures. I collect lots of pieces of scrap machinery parts and such with the intent to assemble them into objects. Doing these drawings is a new and exciting means of dealing with them. Go over to have a look at the latest ones in my Whiz Bang Gallery.
Trash Drawings
The letterforms on Neptune kill
On my walk to work at the mill each morning I find a lot of street trash and interesting things in junk bins. The objects get picked up and saved for sculptures. What I have been doing lately is laying them on my sketch pad and drawing around the objects with my pen.
This eliminates a lot of detail and makes for unusual shapes. I will combine a few objects to arrive at more interesting forms.  I then fill in the shapes as I like and computerize them. The Whiz Bang Gallery has 7 of these new images. Go on over and take a peek.
Whiz Bang a Roos
Dance of the Pointy Shapes
I have another installment to my sketchbook gallery Whiz Bang.
Wish I had some illustration work to show but all the projects are long range and in development so they can't be shown yet.
So head on over to-
Whiz Bang Additions
Gristle Guy searching for skin.
I have finished off another sketchbook so here are a few new images in the Whiz Bang Sketchbook Gallery.
Since leaving the nightwatchman gig I have been getting better quality sleep so that is why the images are more wholesome.
Somnambulistic Sketchbook
Toxic Flange Jr.
For 3 1/2 years I have held 2 jobs at an old mill building that's  been converted to office space. I worked 7 days a week, 5 as a maintenance man and 2 on the weekend graveyard shift
( midnight - 8 am) as a security guard. In my spare time I do my illustration work as well as the rehabbing of our old home (1842) with my wife. Yes I am driven or at least crazy, perhaps both.  The Somnambulistic  Sketchbook drawing are what I have done with my off time while on the late night security gig. I do them with a Sharpie then scan and color them at home.
I recently ended the security position which I hope will lead to a saner life, allowing me more time for the other stuff.
This will be the last installment of them in this series but fear not the sketchbook art will continue under another banner yet to be decided.
Go on and visit them @
Monster Lunch
In addition to my security job and the sketching I do there, I work during the week at the same mill as part of the maintenance crew.
During the lunch break I usually draw monsters, madmen and maniacs. Someone had thrown away this great notebook with yellow pages and blue lined grids, most of the pages were blank so I had to fill them. I have created a gallery of a select number, go visit it.
Several Sketchbook Shenanigans
Can't fly!
It was a fruitful summer of sketching at security. You will find a few more additions to the somnambulistic gallery.
A wonderful year
Twisted Mister
It has been a year since I joined on to Drawger and just wanted to say what a thrill and honor it has been to be connected to such a diverse talented bunch of artists. The art and comments have been a blast of energy for me. I am looking forward to the next years events. Thank you all!

Posted some new sketchbook art in the Somnambulistic Gallery.
Doodle Delerium
Sparrow Speak
For as long as night doth exist and destiny binds my regarding it, shall I scribe paper with pen charting its ethereal accounts.

More nightshift doodles over in a new gallery!
Doodles at the cusp of consciousness
On the weekends I am a security guard at a local mill complex. I work the graveyard shift and am completly alone from midnight to 8 am. I have lots of time to sit and sketch in my sketchbook. Most times while drawing I nod off only to awake to a black blob bleeding from my pen onto the drawing and some odd lines I don't remember making. Here is last nights. Tonight shall bring another.
What am i ?
hunter of hunted?
The question is - What am I? Perhaps some of you have the same question. If you look at the body of my work at my web site you will see that I am all over the place as far as style and look. I have never been able to work up a "look, develop it to excellence and continue with it. When you picture an illustrator you visualize a 'LOOK', yet so many projects I get involved in seem to demand a different look. Too many tricks in the bag it seems. I considered myself more of a 'commercial artist' than an illustrator. This has always plagued me and kept me from feeling a 'genuine' member of the trade. Perhaps this is all too much navel gazing. None the less does anyone have any insight into this situation?
A different look
For the last million years my style of art has always been for the most part one of controlled, percise, logical lines and shapes. Templates, french curves, airbrush, inking pens, Illustrator and Photoshop. recently I have been scanning my sketchbooks and adding color to my drawings. The loose, spontaneous and cartoon feel to them has intrigued me and am enjoying playing with them. Feels like working in coloring books again. Have a look at some of them.
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