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Sketchbookian Stuff
Loopy Bazooka June 14 After I'm gone and they review my sketchbooks, the officials will realize their gross negligence in constantly... Whiz Bang Sketchbook Art September 27 Just to let those who want to know that an installment of 8 new drawings to the Whiz Bang Gallery has... Whiz Bang for free! June 29 Another installment of 8 new drawings await you at the Whiz Bang Gallery. I am still outlining found inanimate objects... Trash Drawings 2 May 23 I am continuing to do drawings based on the outlines of collected shards of trash and assembleing them into pictures. I... Trash Drawings May 4 On my walk to work at the mill each morning I find a lot of street trash and interesting things in junk bins. The... Whiz Bang a Roos March 29 I have another installment to my sketchbook gallery Whiz Bang.Wish I had some illustration work to show but all the... Whiz Bang Additions March 15 I have finished off another sketchbook so here are a few new images in the Whiz Bang Sketchbook Gallery. Since leaving... Somnambulistic Sketchbook February 3 For 3 1/2 years I have held 2 jobs at an old mill building that's  been converted to office space. I worked 7 days... STOP THE WARp January 5 Security sketches November 25 Once again the spirits of the night have infused the crenulates of my mind blob. Enjoy the outcome of my latest... Monster Lunch October 29 In addition to my security job and the sketching I do there, I work during the week at the same mill as part of the... Several Sketchbook Shenanigans October 2 It was a fruitful summer of sketching at security. You will find a few more additions to the somnambulistic gallery. A wonderful year August 17 It has been a year since I joined on to Drawger and just wanted to say what a thrill and honor it has been to be... Sophomoric Sketchbook Shenanigans May 4 Check out my retooled gallery of night watchman noodelings at my gallery called Somnambulistic... Nocturnal Nonsense Noodeling April 23 The nocturnal ether mists continue to invade my pen.view more in the latest... Somnambulistic Sketches March 28 Another weekend  or two of sketching on the night job.And some colorizing of the images  are over in a new... Doodle Delerium March 13 For as long as night doth exist and destiny binds my regarding it, shall I scribe paper with pen charting its ethereal... Mounds of Midnight Madness Markings February 4 I have a new gallery of a few more sketchbook drawings  that are in color. Have a... A couple more galleries January 21 I have a couple more gallery additions.Another set of Graveyard shift drawings and a second 'Idiotic Table of... Nocturnal Nonsense January 6 There is a new gallery of Nocturnal Nightwatch Nonsense.http://drawger.com/fisher/?section=gallery&gallery_id=531 More doodles on the edge of consciousness November 24 I just added a new gallery of graveyard shift doodles. Got to do some more... New gallery November 18 I made a gallery of some of my Graveyard Shift drawings. Go on over and have a... Doodles at the cusp of consciousness November 11 On the weekends I am a security guard at a local mill complex. I work the graveyard shift and am completly alone from... What am i ? September 23 The question is - What am I? Perhaps some of you have the same question. If you look at the body of my work at my... A different look August 31 For the last million years my style of art has always been for the most part one of controlled, percise, logical lines...
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