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Floyd Superguy May 31 See more 5 Second comics. Mr Control May 2 See more 5 Second Comics Spitball Comix November 14 Back in April, Walter Vasconcelos and I started a project of drawn and digital collages. We decided on a 6.4 inch... Travels through Mummy Town October 9 Steel Life in Mummytown October 6 No Escape from Mummy Town September 28 Daily Worship in Mummy Town September 24 Hooliganism in Mummy Town September 19 Interloper in Mummy Town September 16 Night passage from Mummy Town September 12 Fission time in Mummy Town September 9 Ennui in Mummy Town September 4 Torpor Time in Mummy Town September 2 The Room August 12 The borders of this scene have captured a tiny lone segment of tranquility from this house of horrors. The outer... TIME July 25 CLICK July 17 BAD CHAIR July 1 The Device June 28 New comic story March 29 One of the stories I have been working on this winter is about my father, who by the way lives on Pluto. This is a... The Neverending Story January 2 For the last 15 years or so I have been working on a few comic stories that never seem to find an ending. Curse the... Mini Comics April 13 My first comic book if you can call it that was published back in '72( Ike Lives)  and since then I have... Gabunga-bleep November 30 Before the great meltdown I had a vast clutter of old hard plastic toys I would draw inspiration from, as well as draw.... Alpha et Zeta October 17 Here is a little graphic love story I created last year.Besides working in a different style I tried blending French... Black Cow January 13 This fall I worked with the architecture firm Black Cow in Boston creating a poster / calendar for 2007.As you can tell... Bad News December 22 For the last 4 years I have contributed to the Chicago Reader's End of Year Comics Section. But alas with my crazy... Another Chicago Reader Comic December 22 A few articles back I posted some art from the Chicago Reader Year End Comics Issue that I have done but one did not...
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