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Meteor Martian Mollusk Masher

MARCH 11, 2012
Face side of device

Mars had  been plagued with a severe mollusk infestation. The Queen of Mars asked me to develop a quick and easy means of eliminating the unwanted pests.
I developed the Meteor Martian Mollusk Masher, another of my Royal Ray Guns. The MMMM is a simple cyclotronic device that emits a concentrated particle beam that vaporizes them in a split second. Held in two hands much like a machine gun the no nonsense body is finished in a thick zinc shell protecting the user from unwanted particle seepage.
The device worked so well in tests that Mars ordered dozens of the units. It wasn't until several months after delivery and use by the Martian Militia that I found out that the mollusks were in fact unannounced visiting emissaries from Neptune!
Front of device

Side 2 of device

Rear of device

Another addition to Royal Ray Guns