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Robot Hunting

MAY 5, 2012
The 500 Megawatt Ice Rat

I like to hunt and what I hunt are robots. There is nothing like the adrenalin high of tracking some of the most dangerous and devious creatures that threaten humankind and taking them down. On a recent month long expedition to the outer reaches of reality, beyond the great Thule at the penultimate point of oblivion is where I bagged these fine specimens. I have recently been mounting their heads on wall plaques for display at my Robot Gallery in the Deluxe Station Diner.
A Bobby Blue Eyed Bot

The re tooled Meteor Martian Mollusk Masher which worked very well on these land based entities.

The Coppertinian

The Forknose Frankoid

The Automatic HammerHead Beetle

The Whitey Bulgering Proboscis