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Faces in the Crowd

NOVEMBER 28, 2012
When I started making these faces 4 years ago my basic building materials were the rusted and flattened auto parts and such that I found along the street as I walked to and from work. Over time the raw materials expanded to include any number of discarded, broken and trashed items culled from the machinery at my day job. Every trip to my studio has me carrying a box filled with bits and pieces and every time I tell myself " You have to stop collecting junk", but every new piece looks like it has the potential to be turned into something!
I promote and call my heads METAL MEN which means I get called METAL MAN by most people.
So here is my latest batch of creations which will be on display at the Holiday Open Studios.
Tim Tic
Harry Hotsoap
Screaming Spencer Stovetop
Sam Soap Suprise
Sully Soreyes
The image I created for the studio complex