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The Baffler # 24

JANUARY 19, 2014
As always it is, a pleasure to supply Patrick JB Flynn of the Flynstitute with my art. From his days of yesteryear at the New York Times through the Progressive, Teaching Schools and now at The Baffler he has mined my brain for images. He is a loyal patron and an all around great guy. Thank you Patrick.
The Baffler's Issue #24 is out this week and has a few of my illustrations. The above full page art is the opening of an article on how the Libertarian and Tea Party ideas of government and world engineering are quite similar to many of the governing societies found in Science Fiction. I wanted to have a somewhat pulp paperback cover art feel to the piece. The body of the article is printed on a pulpy colored background and ends with an ad from my Jupiter Jak series, a nod to the ads found in the back of old pulp publications.