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Mark Fisher - METAL MEN


A collection of my found trash & junk character constructions which I call METALMEN
Mark Fisher - Royal Ray Guns

Royal Ray Guns

An array of Artistic Armament Artifacts. A gallery of older Ray Guns is here http://drawger.com/fisher/?section=gallery&gallery_id=623
Mark Fisher - Einstein's Shoelace

Einstein's Shoelace

Einstein's Shoelace is a compendium of drawings from two 2011 sketchbooks which I colorize in Photoshop.
Mark Fisher - Somnambulistic Sketches

Somnambulistic Sketches

For 3 years I was the night watchman at a large old Civil War era mill complex that had been converted to office space. Alone from midnight to 8 am I drew and sketched in between my rounds. Here are some of the pages that I have colorized on the computer. Sometimes while drawing I would suddenly awake and find odd lines or blobs that happened while I dozed off. I leave most of those accidents in the art.
Mark Fisher - WHIZ BANG!


A new gallery of my sketchbook art, a companion to the Somnambulistic Sketchbook.


Loopy Bazooka is the name of my new sketchbook/computerized drawings. Many of the images start out as outlines of found street trash from my urban walking excursions, which are then detailed with organic filigree. And then the other drawings are the found mind trash from my noggin wanderings.
Mark Fisher - Numbers Racket

Numbers Racket

For me there is a little bit of mystery and magic in the combination of letters to form words. What I'm trying to do in this series is discover the poetry, ballet, drama and comedy in the words and between the letters, also not trying to be too conceptual or rigid in the relationship of the word to the number. I have started with 0-Zero and will continue on from there. I hear there's an endless supply of them.
Mark Fisher - 5 Second Comics

5 Second Comics

Mark Fisher - MummyTown




Back in April of 2009, Walter Vasconcelos and I started a project of drawn and digital collages. We decided on a 6.4 inch square format where one of us would do a character in b&w and e-mail it to the other, who would then add color; backgrounds, textures and words. We alternated this process between he in Brazil, and I in the U.S. for 199 days until we concluded it with panel 100. Some of the panels flow in sequence and others are lone wolves. Somewhere along the way we decided to concentrate on just faces, adding numbers to the mix. What I find very interesting is how blended some of the panels are, so much so I have trouble discerning who did what. We had so much fun with this project that we did another with the alphabet called A-Z and are working on yet another now. Here is Spitball Comix the first collaboration. PLEASE START AT THE FIRST IMAGE PAGE. Enjoy!
Mark Fisher - AlphaBeasts


In the fall of 2009 after Walter Vasconcelos and I completed our 100 image opus Spitball Comix we immediately started on a new exquisite corpse project based on the alphabet. Walter started it off by sending me a black & white image for A which I then played with, next I sent him a b&w B and he played with that. It continued alternating between the two of us with Walter finishing up with Z. Our black and white originals are small and on the left, our colored finished pieces are larger and beside them. Now we know our ABC's, PLEASE START AT THE FIRST OF THE IMAGE PAGES. Enjoy!
Mark Fisher - Random Art from the Past

Random Art from the Past

A growing gallery of my art from the past 4 decades.
Mark Fisher - Phavorite Past Post Personal Pictures

Phavorite Past Post Personal Pictures

A collection of personal pieces from past posts.
Mark Fisher - Gyrocosmic Relativators

Gyrocosmic Relativators

My Dad who occasionally made some crazy objects such as the 1 legged brass boat propeller table actually produced the first Gyrocosmic. I have since made a number of my own using accumulated objects of wood, plastic, metal and rubber. Here is a little story and a few of the devices. Many of the Gyrocosmics may look like weapons but don't be fooled, as they say "Don't judge a book by its cover"
Mark Fisher - Particle 17

Particle 17

Midpoint in the final decade of the last century of the previous millennium I created a brand for a particular illustration style I had been working in for my comic series Jupiter Jak (see Jupiter Jak gallery). The style is based on clip art from the 40's and 50's but with my own additions, manipulations and as always a dose of humor. I called it Particle 17 and promoted it with mailings, faxes and a web site.
Mark Fisher - Jupiter Jak

Jupiter Jak

For many years I had a monthly humor piece in the Boston arts and entertainment paper Stuff Magazine. Jupiter Jak ran for 10 of those years with over 120 pieces. The gist of Jak is that he is the Sales Czar of the Solar System. He pushes the goods and services of the governing mega conglomerate that controlls the System. He does this via his Adverinfotisements which appeared monthly in Stuff. Except for the color cover they were all done with xactos, glue sticks, copy machines and spit. Here are a few choice ads.
Mark Fisher - Autotron


A series of imaginary autos and cycles I constructed from old advertising auto art.
Mark Fisher - Art Screed

Art Screed

ReMark & RePete is a visual round robin of black and white collages, faxed between my friend Peter Thibeault and myself. Working with copy machines, Xactoknives, glue sticks, old clip art, magazines and engravings we ping pong’d images between our two studios for 18 months, finally ending the screed at 500 pages. Each image was a response to the previous one recieved via fax. The only rules were to keep the size consistent and each one had to include the page number somewhere in the image. We got into a lot of word play, double-entendre and twisted images. Sometimes the pictures would evolve into mostly patterns or textures but soon enough revert to a much meatier subject matter. Sometimes a whole day would be spent feverishly responding back to a constant volley of faxes, very much like what goes on in some threads of Speakeasy. Here are a few of my images.
Mark Fisher - Alpha et Zeta

Alpha et Zeta

A scientific love story
Mark Fisher - Tables of Idiotic Stuff

Tables of Idiotic Stuff

Essential information.
Mark Fisher - Season of the Witch

Season of the Witch

Been a fan of Donovan Leitch's music since 1965. In '84 my friend James Shook (also a fan) and I undertook a project to Illustrate some of his music. We each took a song and did our own painting. We contacted his manager and got together with Don a few times when he was in the area. He was thrilled with the images. We shopped around the idea of an Illustrated/Lyrics book but it never flew. A couple of my pieces got in American Illustration and there was an article about the project in Idea magazine. Lost touch but it was a thrill to meet the guy that put a lot music in my life. Here are a few of my paintings.
Mark Fisher - Chicago Reader

Chicago Reader

In 1981 I was asked by Bob Roth the managing editor of the Chicago Reader to illustrate a book that they would be serializing in the weekly paper over the next years time. The name of the book escapes me but it dealt with the social, moral and political life of Chicago in the late 19th and early 20th Century. A time when Industry, the church and politics battled over the lives and souls of the people oftentimes with tragic consequences. Dover had a series of books out at the time with lots of old copyright free engravings which fit the time period so I proposed a series of collages using old engravings. The project took a little over a year and resulted in around 60 collages. Here are a few of them.
Mark Fisher - Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal

In the early 80's I produced a lot of my comic stories either in self published comic books or in the magazine Heavy Metal. I did not draw big breasted women but rather dinosaurs, spacemen and aliens. Many of the stories had an ironic twist at the end ala The Twilight Zone. I treated the panels much like illustrations using the technique I was working in at the time, black and white stippleism and line. Here are a couple of the complete stories and a few single panels from others.
Mark Fisher - Monthly Me

Monthly Me

Since I have no shame of the degree I will go to get a laugh I have made a gallery of each months profile portrait. I have temporarily suspended adding to this gallery while I have reconstructive surgery to my head.
Mark Fisher - Gourmet


In the early 90's I got a call from the AD at Gourmet magazine, Irwin Glusker. He had seen my portfolio through my NY rep and wanted to talk. Up front he informed me that he would unlikely have future need of my services but he did have one article that perhaps was suited for my style. An odd opening but a job is a job and after all it was Gourmet and a renowned designer. His honesty wasn't insulting since my portfolio was really suited to business and hi tech magazines. I sent some sketches, got feedback and did the painting. Job completed to his and my satisfaction, end of story. It wasn't long before a second assignment came along and another and another. I worked with Irwin over the next few years until his retirement from the magazine. Most illustrations were for the wine column with occasional dining out and recipe spots. The great experience of it all was working with a fine art director who brought me in a direction I never would have explored on my own.
Mark Fisher - IT'S ME!


My first comic book if you can call it that was published back in '72 and since then I have occasionally produced others usually as mini photocopied booklets. IT'S ME! was in b&w and billed as an 8 page coloring book of 'Crazy Creatures to Color.'
Mark Fisher - A-Z


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