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My Toys

AUGUST 14, 2022
Tom Corbet Space Cadet, Captain Midnight, Rocky Jones Space Ranger, The Adventures of Superman, all these early TV shows planted a bug in my brain back in the 50's.
After reaching my second childhood a number of years ago I have been making my own space ships, playsets, robots and rayguns. Many have been posted here and exist in the past post archives.
Here are a bunch of my latest ones over the last couple years.
Check out more on instagram.  @marksfisher3
Atomic Angel
Cruising the Canals of Mars
Cruising the Canals of Mars 2
Event Horizon Probe
ER Probe 2
Blue Boy Bot
Jupiter 9 Ship
Moon Base Power Plant
Kuiper Kayak
Asteroid Annihilator
Martian Communication Center
Mr & Mrs Robot Rocketship
Top Secret WW2 Axis Rocket
Trans Planetary Express Bus
Star Pod
Star Pod 2
Avenging Angel
Avenging Angel 2
Martian Home
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