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Satan at Xmas

DECEMBER 17, 2006
Satan with the Xmas blues
Back in '84 or '85 I was one of a handful of illustrators asked to contribute a full page Christmas image to Boston Magazine. The concept was open and had to relate to the holiday. Since Satan, God and Santa all live in the same dimension ( Easter Bunny lives elsewhere) I pondered that it must be a lonely time for the devil what with his adversaries getting so much attention and pictured him on vacation in Boston in a lonely hotel room feeling quite low. Sent the art over to the magazine and recieved a call a day or so later saying that they couldn't run it. I understood since people get quite touchy over such issues and I was pushing the sacrilegious envelope anyway. I went to pick the art up a few days later and they couldn't find it " It was stolen" they said. The Devil it was! Probably either got ripped up or hung on someones apartment wall. Decided to redraw it last night in between my nightwatchman rounds to the best of my memory. I am particularly fond of his double heeled spatted shoes ( cloven feet ).
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