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ReMark & RePete

MARCH 18, 2007
ReMark & RePete
ReMark & RePete is a visual round robin of black and white
collages,  faxed between my friend Peter Thibeault and myself.
Working with copy machines,  Xacto knives,  glue sticks,  old
clip art,  magazines and engravings we ping pong’d images
between our two studios for 18 months,  finally ending the
screed at 500 pages.
Each image was a response to the previous one recieved via fax.
The only rules were to keep the size consistent and each one
had to include the page number somewhere in the image.

We got into a lot of word play,  double-entendre  and twisted
images.  Sometimes the pictures would evolve into mostly
patterns or textures but soon enough revert to a much
meatier subject matter.
 Sometimes a whole day would
be spent feverishly responding back to a constant volley
of faxes, very much like what goes on in some threads
of Speakeasy.
Some of my images are in a new gallery.
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