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Deluxe Diner

MARCH 24, 2007
Deluxe town Diner logo
For over 25 years I have done illustration and design work for Don Levy, an
entrepreneur of clothing, toy and novelty stores as well as restaurants and diners
in the Boston area. Designing and Illustrating everything from posters to logos to store interiors and postcards as well as t shirts, clock faces, advertisements and just about anything he can come up with.
Along with his wife Daryl they own and operate the Deluxe Town Diner in Watertown, MA.
Most recently I created a new placemat for the diner that is chock full of riddles that is also suitable for coloring with crayons supplied at the diner.
Here is the logo I did years ago and the diner and the recent placemat.
The placemat
Unfortunately the type is too small to read, so improvise.
Topical: Workonianisms  
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