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NOVEMBER 18, 2008
You won't find it on a map and a GPS will melt if you punch it in, but it does exist. The American Society of Civil Engineers had me create the town for their web site geared to kids. The town had to show various aspects of Civil Engineering such as water & transportation systems, buildings and environmental issues. I based the place loosely on Brookline Village, just on the outskirts of Boston Proper. It has a nice mix of quaint old buildings along with some large high rise structures, turned out to be the right feel for this imaginary place.
Close up of the cinema, only G rated stuff shown.
Close up. Don't worry there is a glass covering on the opening.
Close up. No muggers or graffiti on this subway.
Close up. This pigeon don't leave a mess.
Topical: Workonianisms  
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