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Will Work for Food

DECEMBER 28, 2010
This year I have had one enormous project that has consumed most of my time. Back in July I posted about my diner project and in September I showed some of the sculptures I was working on for the Deluxe Station Diner, a restaurant being built within an old train station designed by American architect H. H. Richardson in 1886.
No longer used as a station it non the less is still a stop on the MBTA’s Green Line at Newton, Centre Ma.  The 2,000 square foot station is largely one big room and mezzanine with 18’ high cathedral ceilings. Four large eyebrow dormers bathe the original dark beadboard walls and ceiling with sunlight.
The raw space being inspected by Daryl Levy.

Don Levy the owner, and I decided to play off the time period of the station‘s design, the late Victorian period and the American Industrial Revolution.  Particular inspiration for me was the 1901 Pan-American Exposition, held in Buffalo, NY. This period of America history is one rich in changes in science and technology. I wanted to create some of the atmosphere of wonder and excitement that people of the time and attendees of the exposition might experience by blending interior and exterior architecture along with industrial machine elements into monumental structures housing an array of sculptural devices. What I developed is what I call Postmodern Victorian Whimsy.
Drawings of interior structures.

The job broke down into a few stages:
1. Design of interior with detailed plans.
2. Building sculptures in my studio.
3. Monitoring the carpenters constructions on site.
4. Decorating the constructions with objects and faux painting surfaces.
5. Installation of the sculptures on site.
Don Levy overseeing early construction of the Electro City room.

The start of the loft and bathroom entrance.

The Time Room is taking shape.

The last few months have been an intense schedule of construction by a number of tradespeople most especially the General Contractor, Jeramy Curcio and his partner Jeremy Wong who did wonders with wood, interpreting my drawing into reality. Painter Jim Cox did a base coat of puce to all the structures and followed up with a poly coat over all my faux surfaces.
Jeramy and Jeremy on the left and middle, Francisco assisting in cleanup. Vestibule and Time Room pre embellishing.

After embellishing.

In addition to building sculptures in my studio I have spent a few intense weekends adding elements to the on-site structures then faux painting them and installing the sculptures. I was fortunate to have help from my oldest son Wylie and my good friend and fellow artist Peter Thibeault who designed some of the light fixtures for the restaurant and helped in painting and decorating as well.
Wylie adding some of the 4,000 rivets.

Peter painting the Loft/ Train Trestle.

Trestle with tower. Mirrored back reflects the space and creates depth.

View of the Earth from inside the Time Room.

Where the bar back goes.

Bar back. Going for an abstract Train Steam Engine front.

Outside Electro City

Inside Electro City.

Steam Transmitting Chamber.

Checkout area with Cosmos Lavatorium and Trestle.

That's all the shots for now. They are finishing up the last minute details this week. Opening is to happen any day now!
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