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Edel makes a mean mojito. I know it cause I've had em in Havana and these were right on. But why expect anything else?
A warm saturday in August, a cool pool, a strong drink, warm hosts and good company.  That was Edel's party in Mt Tapor, NJ.  A really nice place.  I mean really nice place.  Thanks to Drawger for bringing people together.
Sockwell brand in the house
Fellow New Jersey Designer/illustrator Felix Sockwell pushing his new brand of "I dig NJ" tees.  Seriously this guy was selling them at the party which I thought was a tad odd.  Buy your own from the man himself:  BUY THE SHIRT
Edel ready with a neck brace should anyone do too deep of a dive.  Joe thinking about his gig later that night in Staten Island.  Yuko being coy.
Jennifer warms up the Cubans with x-ray vision.
The food was off the hook.  Jennifer, Edel's wife made some terrific Cuban sandwiches. All the food was top notch.
Edel's pool is fantastic.  Lots of nice plants.  Great big trees all around.  He's even recreated his little house from Cuba on one side.  
Ok, I really did not understand the billboards Edel built about his property.  His neighbor was moving out because of them. 
The Mojitos were working on Eileen.
An astonished Brian Rea spots a very soggy Fidel clearing his eyes in the pool.  Was it real, was it the Mojitos?
Somehow I missed the fact that this was a Birthday Party, but then I'm still waiting for the year 2000 celebration.  The cake makes the scene....
Dang Sockwell and Fuchs!  Always with the games, knocked the birdies into the cake!
Thomas Kincaide, painter of light behind Brian Rea. The painting was later dented by an errant ping pong ball hit by Fuchs.
The party for me winded down with a personal tour of the casa with Edel showing the way.  Most ended up in the studio and Edel showed his artwork and techniques.  He seemed to be particularly proud of his new Thomas Kincaide Painting.  I found this odd but said nothing.

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