David Flaherty
July 2006
Odds and Ends
New Keane Album by Sanna Annukka
Just a few random items to report on.  Love this new cover for the Band Keane, designed by  The artist is Sanna Annukka. (interview) work:
How do they do it?
Next up, I was checking out the discussions at,
and I came across an article about Bruce McCall.  He does the fantastic covers for the New Yorker often involving extreme scale and architectural elements.  He has a few books out and one is an autobiography.  The link took me to Amazon and I was befuddled at the price of the book.  Once cent!  
Beer is the key to success!
Finally hats off to Floyd Landis for winning the Tour de France in an exciting way.  A story in todays New York Times details Floyd's love of beer.  On the final decent of a grueling mountain stage Floyd demanded some cold beer and his team manager stopped and traded some spectators a yellow jersey for a six pack of beer.
Beast 'O Burden
Prelim drawings of animals so I don't look the fool.
OK, What type of salesman are you (or person).  Animals represent various human qualities or visa versa. 
An intial sketch submitted.
Another image sketch.
I adapted the proceeding image to add more human work elements to the sketch.
Final art done in illustrator only.
The Process
This idea is for a story for Ebay users who "branch out" (get it?), well at least I thought it is good to add plants to computers whenever possible. Not chosen.
OK, here are some sketches for an editorial illustration.  The challenge of showing a computer is always a daunting one. If I had a dollar for every monitor I ever drew I could buy Tippy Hendren's estate in Iowa.  But I feel ok with this one
Well the idea of adding another web page and thus more scope became glasses. Glasses to spy more customers. Chosen.
Finished art.
So called "ORB" nothing but a fraud.
Recent photos have shown the Orb to be rather small.
The much bally-hoed "Orb of Chatham" and it's huge size can now be proven to be nothing more than a fancy publicity stunt hatched by Bob Staake to promote his book of the same name.  Our insider was able to take a photo of this "Huge" orb and as one can see, it is barely the size of a common soccer ball.  Clearly Bob has some 'splaining to do.
Listen UP!
I found this web page with interviews with various designers and illustrators, it's kind of interesting, check it out!

Link to page
Drawger: Inspiring or Depressing?
I'm the best! I'm the worst!
Food for thought: There exists a saying: "Never compare yourself to another person as you will either feel superior or inferior." (or something like that.) I found this on another site, a forum on philosophy: "Now why is there any comparison at all? Why do you compare yourself with another? This comparison has been taught from childhood. In every school A is compared with B, and A destroys himself in order to be like B. When you do not compare at all, when there is no ideal, no opposite, no factor of duality, when you no longer struggle to be different from what you are—what has happened to your mind? Your mind has ceased to create the opposite and has become highly intelligent, highly sensitive, capable of immense passion, because effort is a dissipation of passion—passion which is vital energy—and you cannot do anything without passion. If you do not compare yourself with another you will be what you are. Through comparison you hope to evolve, to grow, to become more intelligent, more beautiful. But will you? The fact is what you are, and by comparing you are fragmenting the fact which is a waste of energy. To see what you actually are without any comparison gives you tremendous energy to look. When you can look at yourself without comparison you are beyond comparison, which does not mean that the mind is stagnant with contentment. So we see in essence how the mind wastes energy which is so necessary to understand the totality of life." This is all a round about way of saying that I often find Drawger depressing. Somebody is always doing something more fantastic than you are, more on the ball than you are. Maybe I will depress another some day? So is it the mindset itself that is wrong and not Drawger? Any thoughts?
Goldin Mountain
The Studio Goldin looks festive in the background. It mocks the chickens who linger in the foreground.
I got to spend a couple of days up in Willow NY at the digs of Drawger David Goldin.  Set in the back woods not too far from Woodstock Goldin has just completed a nice new studio seen below.  Chickens flock about wondering when they might be the next meal for a black bear.  Wood fired hot tub and cook outs ensuded.  
All sorts of creepy beasts lurk in the woods....
Shopping for a big weekend means buying good produce, Goldin knows his Melons.
Der Little workshoppe. Goldin makes his magic here.
More Magic here too.
The king is tired from cookng. This is Dan.
Ms. Streeter and Mr. Hank paid a visit.
Later the kids played with fire.
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