David Flaherty
May 2007
Noah's Ark
Hey check this out....

Here's a  picture of the fawn in the yard.  I learned they have no smell when young so the mother finds it safer to leave the fawn by itself for hours sometimes even days.  The ranger says the mother "tells" it to stay.  So it was out there for at least 7 hours, I saw it stand up once to stretch.  When night fell it was gone.
Good Show Alert
Brooklyn Brewery Bike Night
I did this quick postcard for this anual bike benefit night coming up next monday at Brooklyn Brewery in Williamsburg.  Funds go to The morgan Stanley Children's Hospital, The MS Society, and Champion Systems / Kraft Genie Cycling.  All the beer, food, music and roller racing you can take.  Cool prizes like free bikes will be raffled off. (free ticket with entry).  I'll be there, hope to see you too.

Brooklyn Brewery
7 to 10 Pm
Monday May 14th
79 North 11th Street
Brooklyn NY 11211

Oh yeah, it's 35$,  food, drink entertainment and raffle ticket.
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